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Annual physicals are the foundation of good health. Sonha Nguyen, MD, offers comprehensive annual physicals at United Internal Medicine in Encinitas and Fallbrook, California. These exams help you to understand your health fully and identify areas where improvements can be made. If you’re overdue for an annual physical, call the office to schedule a visit or spend a few moments on the online scheduling page.

Annual Physical Q & A

Why are annual physicals so important?

No matter your age, sex, or how healthy you are, annual physicals are an essential part of living each day to its fullest. These visits are an opportunity for your primary care physician to assess your current health and help you learn ways to improve your quality of life.

Dr. Nguyen is passionate about the role that annual physicals play in overall health and wellness. She views these appointments as your health care foundation, striving to build a trusting bond with each and every patient in her care.

What happens during an annual physical?

Your annual physicals are the setting for preventive health care. Dr. Nguyen and her team focus on assessing your health and wellness and screening for chronic conditions and diseases common among people of your age and sex.

Some aspects of your annual physicals will change as you move through life, but some elements will remain the same for each visit. Discussing your personal and family health histories is always part of the process, as is sharing the details of any changes you’ve noticed since your last visit.  

Dr. Nguyen and her team gather basic information about how your body is functioning. Some of the basic checks include:

  • Heart rate
  • Breathing function
  • Blood pressure
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Basic neurological function
  • Temperature
  • Skin condition

Dr. Nguyen also assesses your general appearance and cognitive function during your visit. All of this information is added to your permanent medical record, which serves as a valuable resource throughout your health care journey.

A review of your vaccination record is also part of the process. If you are missing essential vaccines, Dr. Nguyen can give you those shots during your visit. In some cases, blood work is done to provide Dr. Nguyen with more insight into organ and system function.

How do I prepare for my annual physical?

If this is your first visit to United Internal Medicine, the best way to prepare for your annual physical is to write down the details of your personal and family health histories. Be sure to list the medications and supplements you’re taking and the health condition you’ve been diagnosed with or are being treated for.

It’s also helpful to bring in your vaccination record so that this information can be added to your personal medical record. Any recent test results or imaging can also be helpful to your new health care team.

If you have questions or concerns, writing them down in advance of your visit can ensure that you don’t forget anything once you’re in the office. People struggling with significant health problems sometimes find it helpful to bring a trusted friend or loved one with them to these exams.

When you’re ready to schedule your annual physical exam, online booking makes it fast and easy to find a time that fits your schedule. You’re also welcome to call the office to check appointment availability.