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One way to think about primary care is that it’s your personal health home. Sonha Nguyen, MD, and her team at United Internal Medicine are proud to be the primary care resource of choice for residents in and around Encinitas and Fallbrook, California. Call the office to set up a visit when you’re ready to take charge of your health and wellness. Online booking is available and can be done from the comfort of your home at any time of day or night.

Primary Care Q & A

What is primary care?

Primary care is the starting point for all of your health and wellness needs. It is more and more often being called your “medical home.” Your primary care team works to ensure that you get all of the health screenings, education, and health management services you need.

This approach is structured similarly to old-fashioned health care when patients relied on a family doctor to guide and shape their health. Of course, today’s primary care is shaped by state-of-the-art technology, advanced scientific research, and highly experienced medical staff.

What kinds of services are available through primary care?

Annual physical exams are a cornerstone of primary care. These visits are the setting in which you’ll receive many health services.

Additional services you might receive under the umbrella of primary care include:

  • Immunizations (vaccines)
  • Treatment for acute injuries or illnesses
  • Care for cough, cold, or flu symptoms
  • Women’s wellness care
  • Chronic disease management
  • Health education
  • Stress management
  • Help with mental health problems

Perhaps the most powerful benefit of primary care is the opportunity to ask a trusted medical professional about health and wellness issues.

Thinking of starting a new diet plan? Wondering if you need to add vitamins to your nutrition plan? Worrying about how screen time and hours sitting at work might affect your health? Primary care visits offer guidance on these and many other concerns.

What if I need to see a specialist?

The United Internal Medicine team has the skills and experience to address a wide range of health needs. Even so, there are times when specialized care is necessary.

If you require specialized care, Dr. Nguyen helps you find the right professional for the job. Once you begin working with a specialist, Dr. Nguyen coordinates your care to ensure a smooth transition once your treatment path is complete.

Dr. Nguyen also ensures that your personal medical record includes all the necessary details of your specialized care. A complete medical record plays an essential role in tracking changes in your health over time and guiding future health care.

If you want outstanding primary care, call United Internal Medicine today to set up a visit. Fast and easy online booking is also available.